Bradco Stretcher System – Plastic Basket Stretcher


The Bradco Stretcher System is packed with features including heavy-duty, all-aluminum frame construction, a high-density polyethylene shell, and patient support and restraint system. The spring-suspended patient support and restraint system supports the patient several inches off the bottom frame for a smooth and comfortable ride. A double flap cover and restraint strap system provides maximum patient security and provides for vertical or a horizontal evacuation. The polyethylene shell slides smoothly over all kinds of terrain and resists snagging on protruding objects. The Bradco Stretcher System comes complete with the basket stretcher, the patient support and restraint system, and four lifting straps. Load capacity rating of 11 kN (2,500 lb.).


  • Double flap cover and restraint strap
  • Polyethylene shell


  • Plastic Outer Shell – Protects patient and gives a completely smooth sliding surface
  • Suspended Restraint System – Allows consistent, fast and secure immobilization as well as the most comfortable evacuation possible for the patient
  • Designed for Vertical or Horizontal Use – Adaptive to any situation
  • Optional Storage Bag – Keeps stretcher and contents clean in dirty environments
39.5 lbs 18 Kg
26 in 65 cm
81 in 206 cm
Load Rating
2500 1134


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