Durable, textured aluminum won’t delaminate or chip and is easy to keep clean. Sturdy sheet aluminum is permanently fastened to a tubular aluminum frame forming a lightweight backboard.


  • Folds in half to store in a variety of ambulance compartments
  • Includes three 9′ nylon patient restraints with quick release metal buckles


  • Multiple strap and handhold openings enable easy handling and various strap configurations.
  • Available with three full-width runners mounted permanently to the underside of the backboard, enabling convenient grasping and handling of the board
  • Additional strap openings allow for greater flexibility in strap configurations or for using cravats to immobilize the patient.
Length Max
72 in 183 cm
Length Min
36 in 91 cm
15 lbs 7 Kg
Load Limit
350 lbs 159 Kg
18 in 46 cm
1 in 2 cm



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